The Joint Commission (TJC) announced that, beginning March 15, it would be returning to its usual procedures prior to the pandemic and conduct onsite, unannounced accreditation surveys.

Healthcare facilities will no longer receive a phone call or email when it has been determined the area is at low enough risk for an accreditation survey team to visit. Facilities are also encouraged to monitor the Notification of Scheduled Events section of their TJC extranet page for notification on the first day of an unannounced survey. So, is your facility prepared for such unexpected visits?

As a healthcare technology company, IntelliCentrics is helping facilities create the safest care environment possible and better prepare for audits and onsite surveys through a number of services:

  • Credentialing support for physicians (including telemedicine and contracted) and technicians functioning under direct physician supervision as dependent health practitioners
  • Providing monthly exclusion list checks for all our subscribers, including both paid and free members
  • Providing 24/7 visibility into members’ credentials, compliance status, facility visit dates, and reasons for visits
  • Recording acknowledgement of the facility’s policies
  • Enhancing the facility’s infection prevention requirements with vaccination documentation and expiration management
  • Documenting facility-approved vaccination exemptions
  • Collecting and managing certification and competency documentation of a facility’s clinical support staff
  • Protecting patients with third-party criminal background checks, drug screens and profile photos of anyone involved in their care
  • Supplying free required trainings such as HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, Fire Safety and more
  • Monitoring occupational radiation exposure of those traveling between facilities
  • Creating a robust COVID-19 program that includes vaccination tracking, entry screening questionnaires, and attestations (visit our COVID-19 Solution Center for more information)

TJC is stepping up its enforcement activities, as COVID-19 incidence and caseloads are decreasing across the country. If you are a healthcare facility whose resources are still stretched over COVID-related protocols, treatments, and vaccine distribution, consider teaming up with a technology partner to ensure you are always ready for unannounced surveys. And if you are already a facility within the IntelliCentrics community, talk to us about all the services you can take advantage of.