Are You Seeking Credentials?

Get SEC3URE Passport, and get your
life back.

Imagine submitting your credentials—and getting approval to practice—in the time it takes to order a latté. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not with IntelliCentrics. Our portable digital credential eliminates the recurring hassle of credentialing and re-appointment paperwork.

SEC3URE Passport. Because life’s too short for paperwork.

Give your practice a shot in the arm.

Could your practice use a boost? How does three additional months of revenue sound? Three months. That’s about how long it takes to assemble, verify, and approve a typical credential file. But with SEC3URE Passport, the whole process can be completed in as little as five business days.

Shouldn’t you be practicing, instead of waiting for permission to do it?

Are You Seeking Credentials?

Your practice is portable. With SEC3URE Ethos, so is your credential.

Where do you want to practice? SEC3URE Passport will take you there.

Assemble your credential file … ONCE. Submit your application to practice … ONCE. IntelliCentrics manages every application on your behalf, unlocking access to every member hospital in which you need to work.

It’s worth repeating: when it comes to assembling your credential, once is enough.