In a newly published white paper, IntelliCentrics presents why support from the technology sector is essential to achieving herd immunity.

Flower Mound, Texas (April 6, 2021) –IntelliCentrics (6819.HK), the innovator of the SEC³URE Ethos, SEC³URE Passport, Link & GO!, BioBytes™ and BioBytes™ Visitor, serving healthcare facilities across North America, the United Kingdom, and China, releases a special white paper entitled “COVID-19 Vaccine – Impact on Healthcare.” At a high level, the paper reviews the impact of the vaccine’s distribution and the need for a new level of trust in healthcare.  

“The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine creates a mixed society, ushering in significant complexity to our return to normalcy. There are those who have been vaccinated, those who want to be vaccinated, those who have credible reasons not to be vaccinated, and those who have no interest in being vaccinated. This dynamic will persist for years to come,” said Mike Sheehan, CEO of IntelliCentrics. “The core thesis of the paper posits how the COVID-19 vaccine’s failure to address the needs of those unable or unwilling to receive a vaccine will result in a significant delay or even prevention of a return to normalcy. From here, the paper explores what a tighter marriage between healthcare and the technology sector might deliver highlighting, IntelliCentrics’ ‘trust as a technology’ as a potential solution,” continued Sheehan.

The white paper explores select topics from a pragmatic perspective posing questions such as how a free society achieves herd immunity when so many people are unwilling or unable to be vaccinated. It further considers the effect of the virus on race, ethnicity and opening international borders while recognizing any misstep puts the full burden back onto the healthcare system.

“Before the pandemic, we were accustomed to in-person visits to receive care. In a post-pandemic world, we are left searching for an alternative we can trust without sacrificing quality. IntelliCentrics ‘trust as a technology’ gives us both. By injecting trust across all healthcare interactions such as telemedicine, home-based care, visitor management, scheduling, medical staff privileging and more, IntelliCentrics is improving quality while lowering the cost for everyone,” said Sheehan.

About IntelliCentrics
With a mission to use trust to make high-quality healthcare as accessible as a good cup of coffee, IntelliCentrics created the SEC³URE Ethos. Built on three core principles – transparency, neutrality, and independence, over 11,000 locations of care worldwide rely on the SEC³URE Ethos to ensure mutual trust between patients, doctors, vendor representatives, and healthcare companies. To learn more about the world’s largest trusted healthcare technology platform, visit To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine credential, visit our COVID-19 Solution Center. IntelliCentrics is publicly traded on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under the stock code 6819.