Medical vendors are vital for any healthcare facility, but vendor management and compliance can be time-consuming and often frustrating. SEC³URE Ethos makes vendor management easy while streamlining the compliance process for facilities and medical vendors alike. 

Benefits of SEC³URE Ethos for Vendor Compliance

SEC³URE Ethos allows facilities control over their vendor population while giving vendors the tools they need to do their jobs. Surprise vendor visits are a thing of the past with SEC³URE Ethos: All appointments must be approved prior to the onsite visit so everyone knows where and when they will be meeting. Vendors with outstanding credentials are not allowed onsite, improving safety and security. 

Vendor representatives enjoy up-to-date compliance with facility policies, preventing delays and miscommunication. All meeting preferences are fully customizable with an option to use a kiosk or a contactless SEC³URE GO! badge for check-in. Vendors provide the resources and services healthcare facilities need for day-to-day operations.