The AHRMM trade show takes place August 7-10 in Anaheim, California and IntelliCentrics will be onsite on the 8th and 9th at booth 600 for in-person meetings and product demos. We will cover how technological advancements can help you safely manage the revolving door — the continuous movement of providers, patients, vendors, and visitors who visit your healthcare facility. 

Creating Operational Efficiencies in a Secure Environment

The primary goal of the technology services offered by Intellicentrics is to improve operational efficiencies in healthcare facilities while maintaining a secure environment. Our mandate is to provide the tools you need to streamline administrative tasks associated with the revolving door, from provider and vendor credentialing to your facility’s safety policies. 

Traditional methods of controlling the revolving door are limited at best. The need to staff check-in kiosks diverts facility staff from mission-critical tasks. Having visibility into who is present onsite, who should be where, and whether a visitor had left the building was almost impossible to track accurately. Digitalization of the check-in and credentialing processes resolves these issues. 


Long lines at kiosks are a thing of the past with the SEC³URE GO! badge, a wearable digital badge that allows for contactless check-in through the SEC³URE mobile app, eliminating the need for physical kiosks. The badge visually displays the wearer’s compliance status while on the premises. Facility staff can see a visitor’s status at a glance, including where and when the badge user needs to be. Upon leaving the facility, the badge checks out automatically.  

SEC³URE Passport

Traditional provider and vendor credentialing were time-consuming, taking months to verify or change credentials. SEC³URE Passport provides a digital credential file that gives subscribers trusted status at over 10,000 facilities through the SEC³URE Ethos platform. The new standard for credential management and monitoring, SEC³URE Passport makes compliance easy and portable.

Who’s Onsite dashboard

The Who’s Onsite Dashboard provides you with a real-time account of vendors and clinical visitors onsite. The dashboard lists all visitors compliant to be onsite on your screen, along with whether or not the visitor is currently in your facility. Combined with the SEC³URE GO! badge, the Who’s Onsite dashboard adds another layer of protection to your safety protocols. 

Visit Us at AHRMM 2022

For more information on how IntelliCentrics can improve the management of your vendor population, visit us at Booth 600 for a demo! Contact us to learn more about how our digital technology increases healthcare security.