SEC³URE Ethos Improves Productivity for Vendors and Efficiency for Hospitals

Healthcare facilities are visited by a steady stream of vendors daily. Vendors are essential and supply the services and products needed to keep the facility running, from advanced medical equipment to the food served in hospital cafeterias.

Like other healthcare professionals, vendors must be properly credentialed to perform their duties in healthcare facilities. Vendors who do not have direct impacts on medical care, such as laundry and food services, must still provide proof of compliance with facility policies and procedures, especially with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

SEC³URE Ethos is a fully integrated, end-to-end platform that replaces the slow, manual credentialing process with a digital credential solution known as the SEC³URE Passport. Every vendor gets one when they register with the SEC³URE Ethos, which allows facilities to verify the individual’s compliance with local, national regulations and facility policies. Facility staff rely on the SEC³URE Ethos to know with confidence who’s safe and trusted to be onsite.

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