What if, making the world a safer place was all about letting people in?
What if, simply by participating, everyone could benefit?

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IntelliCentrics was founded in 2007 on the vision that making the world a safer place was all about letting people in and every participant could benefit. We have since grown into a community of trusted professionals and facilities working together to create a more efficient and compliant healthcare experience. Today, we are the leader in vendor credentialing and recently expanded our services to include credentialing for medical staff and clinical support staff.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better way to access high-quality, individualized healthcare? We believe there is. For the last 10 years, we have been creating technologies to eliminate virtually all paperwork associated with how healthcare professionals validate their skills and abilities, which is essential to practicing high-quality care. By transforming the old paper-based system into a technology solution, costs are lower and medical professionals save time. We even took it a step further. We created a single, cloud-based platform to house credentials, digitally. Every SEC3URE location around the world – more than 11,000 – can access the vast pool of credentials, while our almost 700,000 subscribers can easily upload their information, be verified and have access to any SEC3URE location.

Advocate for Customers

We are passionate about helping our customers succeed. For more than 10 years, at more than 11,000 registered locations of care worldwide, we have introduced trust into the decision-making process that enables our customers, many of whom are in highly regulated markets, to make more informed decisions, reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies. Customers’ compliance defines our success.

Grow Global Presence

Our team is comprised of a global network of software architects who build and better our technology, client success champions who serve and support our members, and forward-thinking leaders who embrace and enable trust to transform the healthcare experience. Interested in joining our team? Check out the opportunities currently available.

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