SEC³URE Referral Program

Referral Program

Welcome to the SEC³URE Referral Program, an industry first! You are now rewarded for successfully bringing in new subscribers and helping us grow the SEC³URE Ethos community. As a SEC³URE Passport subscriber, you can earn a credit of up to $160 toward your subscription renewal, if you refer your colleagues or peers to our community.

Earn My Reward

When your referrals register and become new subscribers, you will be qualified to receive the credit. Three new subscribers earn you almost 50% off your annual subscription fee! It’s that simple.

  • $20 credit = 1 qualified referral
  • $60 credit = 2 qualified referrals
  • $160 credit = 3 or more qualified referrals

To join the referral program and start building more trust in the healthcare community, click Join Now on your SEC³ dashboard (if you’re using the Passport 2.0 site, toggle to the Classic site to join) or Get Started Now on your SEC³URE mobile app.

Referral Program



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