Fast credentialing became especially important in 2020 with the emergence of COVID-19 and the need for healthcare facilities to enforce COVID-related compliance policies and procedures. The nature of such policies changed rapidly in the early days of the pandemic, and continue to evolve in response to vaccination efforts and the national prevalence of the delta variant. Recent enhancements to our SEC³URE Ethos platform now allow healthcare facilities the ability to configure their COVID-19 policies based on the dosing, efficacy, and grace period of each vaccine.

Helping Facilities Comply with Accreditation Requirements

The onus for compliance with COVID-19 regulations rests squarely on the shoulders of healthcare facilities, adding a complicated extra step to the already cumbersome healthcare credentialing process. SEC³URE Ethos offers facilities an effective process for managing credentials and simplifying the accreditation process:

  • Once a facility joins SEC³URE Ethos, any healthcare professional can join by signing up for a SEC³URE Passport. Profiles created using SEC³URE Passport can be managed and monitored digitally.
  • Once healthcare providers and vendors purchase their membership, they provide Intellicentrics with accreditation information, which is stored in a secure repository where they can manage their data as needed.

For facilities, the SEC³URE Ethos platform can be invaluable. SEC³URE Passport subscribers need only to add their data once, after which the platform matches relevant credential files to facility policies and identifies any credentials that have expired or will soon expire. The platform reduced the time needed to verify COVID-19 credentials to a matter of minutes.

NCQA Accredited with a Perfect CVO Certification

Intellicentrics is proud to have received a perfect Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), the national accrediting body for quality management and improvement in health care.

CVO certification requires comprehensive on-site evaluations conducted by a team of healthcare professionals and certified credentialing specialists who evaluate all aspects of data collection and verification operation. With a 10 out of 10 CVO certification, Intellicentrics meets or exceeds all standards set out by the NCQA.

Vaccination Credential Enhancements

Intellicentrics already possessed a robust COVID-19 vaccine credential system to help facilities identify which physicians, vendor reps, clinical contractors, and even visitors could be allowed onsite.

Enhancements to our existing vaccine credential protocols now make it possible to accommodate credentials based on the type of vaccine given. This provides additional information to healthcare facilities and lets them identify healthcare professionals whose vaccinations are compliant with local requirements. Enhancements to our current COVID-19 workflows include:

  • Identifying the vaccine protocol therapy used by each healthcare facility.
  • Presenting a predefined vaccine dosing schedule based on specific immunization therapies, including the ability to capture dates of vaccine administration and future dates for multi-dose vaccine protocols.
  • Adjusting time frames as needed for waiting periods between vaccines while accommodating single and multi-dose vaccines. Access to healthcare facilities is denied during waiting periods while the vaccine matures to full efficiency.
  • Including data on COVID-19 boosters. We can capture when the booster was administered as well as a digital image of the COVID-19 Immunization Card with detailed information on the booster.

Changes to our vaccine credential grant SEC³URE Passport subscribers the ability to track their compliance status through their accounts registered on the SEC³URE Ethos platform. Facilities can use the system to clearly communicate their COVID-19 vaccination protocols and manage access based on compliance with local requirements.

The ability to customize, meet, and anticipate upcoming COVID-19 therapy protocols and local COVID-19 credential compliance is unique to the SEC³URE Ethos platform, offering a new and efficient tool for healthcare facilities to raise the level of COVID-19 compliance.