IntelliCentrics recently attended the 2022 Becker’s ASC Review Meeting. There we talked to healthcare executives from ambulatory care facilities across the nation and used our demos to show them how digital credentialing can ensure the highest level of revenue activation and operational efficiencies.

The results of those conversations indicate that many ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) are in need of  new technology to credential vendors and providers. Specifically in provider credentialing, they often rely on a manual process to onboard physicians, which can take months and delay clinical support.

Accelerate Revenue Activation

A digitalized credentialing process is becoming more crucial for ASCs, as more procedures are shifting from hospitals to outpatient services. The paper-based credentialing process can slow operations to a crawl as administrative staff spends long hours tracking down credentials and verifying documentation.

With a digitalized credentialing system provided by IntelliCentrics, ASCs can outsource credentialing to the technology partner, free up resources to focus on mission-critical tasks, and receive privilege-ready credential files to onboard medical staff quickly. The speed in onboarding leads to accelerated time to revenue for ASCs.

Optimize Clinical Workforce

The shift to ambulatory care, boosted by its cost-effectiveness as compared to hospitals, has also heightened the need for an on-demand clinical workforce to support the increased volume of surgical procedures. Delays in the traditional credentialing process may hinder physicians’ ability to do their job and put more stress on facilities that are already struggling with a staffing crisis. A digitized credentialing system helps ASCs efficiently leverage this on-demand workforce of contracted clinicians and traveling nurses.

Final Thoughts on Digital Credentialing

Surgery centers are the future for cost reduction and revenue growth. The ASC market in the U.S. is estimated to reach $58.85 billion by 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights. Automated credentialing systems will allow ASCs to easily store, verify and manage provider data. With the right credentialing partner, ASCs will be able to keep up with demand and seize the revenue opportunity.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. At IntelliCentrics, we have helped over 10,000 facilities improve their operational efficiencies, grow their revenue, and improve their compliance. Our digital technology has been optimized over 20 years to deliver best in class vendor and medical credentialing, as well as payer enrollment. If you would like to learn more, please click on the button below and schedule 15 minutes with one of our team members.

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