More than ever, hospitals and healthcare systems are focused on managing their costs while maintaining the highest quality of care.  By leveraging healthcare scheduling, hospitals, and healthcare systems can have the right people, in the right places at the right time thereby reducing costs and improving positive outcomes.

Finding Inefficiencies in Healthcare Scheduling

By looking at trends in your hospital’s data, are there opportunities to leverage scheduling to improve vendor management, operating room time, operating room usage, and costs per procedure? Hospitals and healthcare systems that take control over these scheduling opportunities and their associated expenses have a greater chance of improving profitability over others that don’t.

Let’s face it, inadequate scheduling communications, inefficient procedure check-ins, and poor operating room utilization create lost revenue. This often results in delayed care that negatively impacts patient outcomes. Poor scheduling communications often lead to non-optimal inventory management resulting in more lost productivity and waste. In addition, providers often resort to sharing case information and methodologies via whiteboards, email, text, and phone creating HIPAA compliance risks and inefficiencies that increase costs. Overworked staff adds additional pressure, burnout, and expense.

As a hospital or healthcare system, vendor credentialing has become more complex as more vendors request access. Does your organization consistently apply credentialed requirements? Do you know if vendor visitors are compliant? Is your process digital?

Additionally, there are many pain points related to procedure scheduling from tardy participants, to handwritten forms, late tray drop-offs, off-contract purchases, limited mechanisms to control costs, and the coordinating of multiple parties – the list goes on. All of these pain points decrease efficiency and profitability.

Improving Healthcare Scheduling with the SEC³URE Ethos

However, IntelliCentrics’ SEC³URE scheduling service empowers the SEC³URE Ethos community to seamlessly communicate and schedule meetings and procedures all in one place. All participants are trusted and verified against a hospital or healthcare system’s requirements and by-laws. This process allows the creation of trusted schedules and real-time scheduling communications for perfect performance with the analytical tools to measure.

The SEC³URE scheduling process saves time and resources, allowing your staff to focus on patient care through a simple process:

  • Step 1: Vendors digitally request on-site or virtual meetings.
  • Step 2: Meeting approval by hospital staff.
  • Step 3: Vendors are scheduled for the requested meeting along with other participants.
  • Step 4: Before their on-site meeting, the vendor is cleared to be in the facility (elevating your facility’s compliance and facilitating contactless check-in through the SEC³URE GO! badge or the vendor’s mobile device).

SEC³URE scheduling extends beyond vendors to anyone attending cases, procedures, or business meetings to allied nurses, physicians, and practitioners. SEC³URE scheduling connects all procedure elements in one system, allowing all participants to communicate with each other in real-time from booked procedure through completion.

Streamline Your Scheduling with the SEC³URE Ethos Today

Whether the scheduled service is a meeting or procedure, hospitals and healthcare systems can be assured of compliant access, adherence to facility policies and procedures including check-in and check-out, reduced check-in administration, and more efficient communications and overall processing. SEC³URE scheduling provides a line of sight to who is your facility, where they are in your facility and when they are in your facility, along with the tools to analyze and improve performance. Utilizing the SEC³URE scheduling service allows hospitals and healthcare systems to be more efficient and profitable.