Do you credential physicians? Clinical contractors? Vendors? Managing any credentialing program can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. It may require a great deal of investment in resources that are not available at every healthcare facility. However, being non-compliant is a risky business and could potentially cost your organization even more. IntelliCentric’s SEC3URE platform gives you all the advantages without the hassle!

Our cloud-based platform verifies and houses practitioners’ credentials as a portal, digital SEC3URE Ethos. Facilities can validate credentials in real time and ensure each practitioner meets compliance standards, all from SEC3URE’s single, trusted source. Meanwhile, practitioners can upload credentials once, get verified and have access to SEC3URE’s more than 11,000 registered locations of care.

What You Gain

An experienced credentialing service provider such as IntelliCentrics can help you navigate through the tricky road to compliance with these main benefits:

  • Trust –IntelliCentrics is committed to creating a safe and secure environment, where our customers can trust who is entering their facility. We have been monitoring the credentialing regulatory environment since 2007 and use that expertise to guide all our facilities to a higher level of compliance.
  • Efficiency – We can free up your day that would otherwise be spent on reviewing and verifying the qualifications of every physician, contractor or vendor.
  • Cost savings – Training your staff or hiring full-time compliance professionals is expensive. The SEC3URE platform is installed at no cost to your facility or health system. Plus, you receive onboarding assistance, training and customer support.
  • Comprehensive monitoring – With SEC3URE, available online and as a mobile app for facilities, your facility can run reports to know exactly who is on premise, where they are visiting, how long they visited and their REPscore. It’s not just about running reports, but giving you actionable insights to help create a safe, secure environment.

Why the SEC3URE Standard

Another benefit of using a credentialing service is to establish best practices in compliance, based on the latest regulatory mandates and credentialing trends. We have created the SEC3URE Standard, a set of credential recommendations, to offer you a higher level of protection for patients, staff and visitors.

When you use our services, you apply the SEC3URE Standard to your facility and will achieve the following:

  • Meet infection prevention and control standards with recommended immunization requirements
  • Manage immunization declinations and exemptions effectively and efficiently
  • Complete sanction checks of those providing products and services payable by a Federal healthcare program
  • Lower risks associated with incidental exposure to private health information
  • Effectively manage competency requirements to reduce risk
  • Fulfill equipment maintenance requirements with documented training and competencies
  • Actualize FDA’s recent recommendations to reduce surgical fires with trained professionals and staff
  • Reduce hazards by requiring safety trainings from those present in hazardous environments
  • Minimize security risks to patients, visitors and staff with criminal background checks

We take compliance seriously and your compliance defines our success as a credentialing partner. We look across 23 governing bodies to determine best practices among credentialing requirements. We also take into account various levels of risk, service and support necessary for quality outcomes, including competency and certification, infection control, patient privacy and training, to make the SEC3URE Standard a holistic approach to compliance.