Are You Managing Credentials?

Finally, a credentialing solution that PAYS

Free up the budget. Reduce denied claims. Recognize more revenue—and do it faster than ever.

Our intelligent credentialing solution requires zero up-front investment from locations of care—savings that fall right to the bottom line. And because IntelliCentrics verifies every application in as little as five business days, practitioners and clinical contractors can start generating income for your hospital right away.

We’ve done the math: SEC3URE Ethos makes credentialing better, faster, and more profitable.

Don’t sweat that compliance audit.

… and don’t worry about missing that deadline. IntelliCentrics has your back.

SEC3URE Ethos assembles, manages, and verifies every practitioner credential in compliance with your facility’s bylaws, as well as any relevant governing bodies. And we’re the same company that brought you REPtrax, long trusted by Joint Commission auditors to monitor and enforce vendor compliance at more than 11,000 registered locations of care, worldwide.

It’s never too early to start credentialing with confidence.

Finally, a credentialing solution that PAYS

Future-proof your credentialing process

The best process … is an invisible one.

With SEC3URE Ethos, your credentialing process runs itself. Our intelligent workflow gathers and verifies every credential file for you. It’s push-button simplicity: no more complicated software workarounds, no more time-consuming data extracts, no more expensive reporting modules.

Don’t just get ready for the future. With IntelliCentrics, you’ll see it coming.