Are You Seeking Credentials?

Take your sales to “eleven.”

Schedule 20% more sales calls. Check into—and out of—any hospital with your cell phone. Forgot to acknowledge a facility’s policy? Review it in the SEC3URE Ethos mobile app, submit your attestation … and never miss a beat.

Healthcare moves too fast for you to be waiting. Our portable digital credential was designed to cut through red tape, and reduce barriers to entry, so you can focus on what you do best: selling. Register your credentials once, and gain access to more than 10,000 registered locations of care, worldwide.

On a scale of 1-10, where do you want to take your sales? SEC3URE Ethos takes them to “eleven”—and beyond.

Know before you go.

Did a policy change at the hospital you’ll be visiting tomorrow? With the touch of a button, SEC3URE Ethos lets you know … and gets you compliant.

Is that new facility in your territory already an IntelliCentrics member? Log into the mobile app, find out, and check in remotely.

With 11,000 registered locations, 700,000 registered members, and 15,000,000 document pages processed (without a single missed deadline) … odds are, you’re good to go.

Take your sales to “eleven.”

We’ve got you covered.

Schedule a vaccination, walk out of the pharmacy … and cross the street for your next hospital sales call.

Your time is priceless. That’s why IntelliCentrics offers time-saving preventative benefits like pre-paid vaccinations, drug screens and titers, liability insurance, and more. The best part? Your credential is updated—in real-time—everywhere you need to go. With SEC3URE Ethos, you’re assured
of success.