How do you stop patient safety issues before they occur? Is there a proactive way to identify potential problems and avert them early? The answer is an astounding yes. There are several things that healthcare organizations can do from a compliance standpoint to improve patient safety, including:

Know Who’s in Your Facility

Many healthcare facilities today have subscribed to a third-party service to credential vendor representatives, which saves staff time and efforts. These facilities understand that it takes more than being on friendly terms with representatives to ensure they have fulfilled the necessary requirements.

The IntelliCentrics’s SEC3URE platform is not only able to validate representatives’ data and information, it also provides them with fully accredited training, which includes the courses most often required by facilities. This allows hospitals to have confidence that representatives who enter their facilities are who they say they are, and have the knowledge and qualifications they need in order to access the facility.

Let’s also not forget using the SEC3URE Facility mobile app to manage vendors! It's designed to increase the administrator's efficiency by providing SEC3URE access from anywhere at any time. It gives the administrator visibility into which representatives are currently onsite and look up vendors and companies attaching to the facility.

Hire the Right People

While the quality of care and the level of a patient satisfaction lay heavily on the shoulders of the healthcare providers, the responsibility of finding and retaining superior clinical staff lies with the human resources department.

A solution such as SEC3URE medical credentialing can help HR manage the onboarding process and ensure that outsourced staff, such as agency staffed nurses, neuromonitors, radiology techs and ultrasound techs, is properly qualified and trusted. Meanwhile, HR professionals can focus on the duties for which they were trained, instead of spending time on repetitive paperwork and the tedious verification process.

Embrace a Culture of Vigilance

The safest healthcare facilities are those that have transformed their organizational culture to one focused on patient safety. They maintain a vigilant attitude and implement safety standards to prevent hazards at their facilities.

If you are a SEC3URE facility, it’s important that you have fully adopted our SEC3URE Standard. It's a set of credential recommendations based on the latest regulatory mandates and credentialing trends. We have created it to help facilities establish best practices among credentialing requirements. We have also considered various levels of risk, service and support necessary for quality outcomes, including competency and certification, infection control, patient privacy and training, so that the SEC3URE Standard will over time result in a higher level of patient care.