STOCKPORT, UK (03 October, 2019) – IntelliCentrics, creator of the SEC3URE Passport which is used to digitally credential and privilege healthcare industry representatives so they can be trusted, and Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Bridgewater), a U.K. community health service provider, today announced a partnership that will provide IntelliCentrics technology to patients and their families at no cost. With the partnership, patients and families are able to trust the Bridgewater care provider by knowing who’s entering their home, when and his/her credentials.

“The SEC3URE Passport already ensures trust between all stakeholders across the entire continuum of care at over 11,000 locations across the UK and North America,” said Mike Sheehan, CEO of IntelliCentrics. “The expansion of the SEC3URE Passport into the home healthcare market is a natural next step for us. We are extremely excited to be launching this with Bridgewater.”

The technology connects Bridgewater’s home health practitioners and service providers with Bridgewater’s patient customers, allowing the parties to establish bilateral trust. The patient customer will know who will be visiting, at what time, and the specific credentials of the healthcare practitioner before they arrive. Moreover, practitioners will have the opportunity to know more about the environment they will be entering so that they can provide the best possible care. “When high-quality care is delivered more deeply into our communities, everyone wins. And bilateral trust plays a very important role,” said Michelle Collier, Procurement Manager of Bridgewater.

Rachael Colley, Head of Procurement Solutions and Innovation at NHS SBS, commented, “It is great to see new technology being developed with the Trust that so many other care organisations can now take advantage of. The new system ensures that patients are only contacted by professionals that are registered and approved contractors, which offers an enhanced level of patient protection and means patients can focus on getting the right care at the right time.”

The partnership between Bridgewater, NHS SBS and IntelliCentrics is designed to ensure the home healthcare market enjoys the same proven technology used at over 11,000 locations of care across the UK and North America. This includes providing the technology free of charge to all of Bridgewater’s patient community. “It’s the right thing to do” said Collier.

About IntelliCentrics
With a mission to use trust to make high-quality healthcare as accessible as a good cup of coffee, IntelliCentrics created the SEC3URE Ethos. Built on three core principles – transparency, neutrality and independence, the SEC3URE Ethos is relied on by more than 11,000 locations worldwide to ensure two-way trust between patients, doctors, vendor representatives and healthcare companies. To learn more about the world’s largest trusted healthcare technology platform, visit IntelliCentrics is publicly traded on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ("SEHK") under the stock code 6819.

About Bridgewater
Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Bridgewater) is a leading provider of community health services in the north west of England. The majority of the services are delivered in patients’ homes or at locations close to where they live, such as clinics, health centres, GP practices, community centres and schools. Bridgewater focuses on providing cost effective NHS care by keeping people out of hospital and supporting vulnerable people throughout their lives. For more information, visit