Bypass the Line with the SEC³URE GO! Badge

Nothing slows down your access to healthcare facilities like waiting in lines. Vendors and visiting healthcare professionals waste valuable time waiting in check-in lines, while the need to man kiosks takes facility staff away from other, mission critical work. Visible compliance for healthcare facility visitors, staff, and guests is important, but there must be a more efficient solution. 

There is. The SEC³URE GO! digital badge eliminates the need for visiting a kiosk with easy, contactless check-ins. Simply check in on the SEC³URE mobile app and your compliance status is transferred to a wearable badge. Once you check out, the badge is automatically updated. 

Visible compliance for healthcare workers makes it easy for healthcare facilities to grant and revoke access, and for staff to tell at a glance who a visitor is and whether they have authorization to be there. Facility visitors no longer need to wait in kiosk lines for printed visitor tags, and can get to where they are needed quickly and confidently. 

A subscription to SEC³URE Passport includes the SEC³URE GO! badge. It’s just one of the many benefits of being a member of our community.