The COVID-19 pandemic has added challenges to healthcare facilities and calls for easy-to-implement solutions to keep the healthcare environment safe. Facilities need to clearly identify which individuals are allowed access based on their unique COVID-19 credential policies.

IntelliCentrics added a COVID-19 vaccine to its credential set for immunization requirements and offers a complete solution that helps facilities establish their vaccine policies and raise the level of compliance. This addition is based on our experiences leading the IntelliCentrics community through SARS, H1N1, and other vaccine-based policies.

Individuals can instantly communicate their vaccination status to our entire community through their SEC³URE Passport. Healthcare facilities can quickly check whether doctors, nurses, and vendors entering their facilities have received adequate vaccination, including booster shots. Our COVID-19 Vaccine Credential puts facilities in control while also supporting alternative measures (e.g., mask requirement, PCR test) other than vaccines and individuals who are unable to receive a vaccine safely. When used in conjunction with our SEC³URE Link service, trusted individuals can schedule onsite and virtual meetings.