SEC³URE Passport streamlines compliance for subscribers, opening up access to thousands of facilities with portable compliance. Industry-leading innovations make it easy to keep up-to-date on compliance documentation, policy changes, and more.

SEC³URE Passport Features

SEC³URE Passport subscribers can take advantage of portable compliance to save time and accelerate income opportunities, and most importantly, provide the help patients need. If you are a vendor representative with our Passport subscription, we can process a new credential in less than 4 business hours, making sure you are always compliant to do your job. 

The SEC³URE online portal makes it easy to manage credentials, while SEC³URE Link lets you request and schedule meetings for real-time communication with facilities. Quick, contactless check-ins are assured with the SEC³URE GO! badge, a digital and wearable badge which clearly indicates your compliance status. 

Make traditional credentialing a thing of the past with SEC³URE Passport, and enjoy the many benefits that come with digital credentials.