When you walk down the hospital hallways, have you ever wondered about the people you pass? Do they work at this facility, are they contractors, do they represent a pharmaceutical company? How do you know they are who they say they are?

That’s where credentialing comes in. To provide the highest level of care, we must ensure the highest level of trust between the hospital and those who provide services and supplies at the hospital. When we credential hospital visitors, be it a physician, a clinician or a vendor representative, we’re creating a trusted healthcare environment.

Better Patient Care

Our cloud-based platform technology enables trusted credentialing and allows hospitals to be more efficient, operationally and financially, so the cost savings can be passed on to patient care and the community at large. Specially, we help hospitals improve patient care in several ways:

  • Vendor credentialing – Knowing who is in the hospital and that every vendor representative is properly credentialed saves hospital staff both time and effort
  • Medical credentialing – Hiring the right people using medical credentialing helps human resources department find and retain a highly qualified clinical staff
  • Culture – Having hospitals to create an organizational culture of vigilance and compliance raises the level of patient safety

5 Rings Award
We created the annual 5 Rings Award to recognize hospitals that demonstrate the utmost commitment to providing a high-quality healthcare experience for patients and staff.

Our 2019 recipients of the 5 Rings Award were just announced. The five winning hospitals are chosen from healthcare facilities that use our SEC3URE platform to credential medical staff and vendor representatives. Each of the winners fully leverage the capabilities of the platform to elevate compliance and create a trusted, best-in-class environment.