What if making the world a safer place was all about letting people in?

It’s a simple concept, really: What if healthcare wasn’t a zero-sum game?

What if, simply by participating, everyone could benefit?

From this revolutionary idea, IntelliCentrics has grown into the trusted compliance partner to more than 11,000 registered locations of care, worldwide. That’s how many facilities rely on our flagship medical supplier credentialing solution, SEC3URE Ethos (formerly known as Reptrax).

SEC3URE Ethos is designed to address highly regulated healthcare compliance issues for every role. A safe and secure environment results in higher quality patient outcomes, improved financial performance, and better brand loyalty.


SEC3URE Ethos defines, measures, monitors, trains, and benchmarks people, premises, and protocols on a local, national, and international level. The most comprehensive and only service of its kind, IntelliCentrics’ CVO is fully Certified by NCQA for 11 out of 11 verification services, including:

  • License to Practice
  • DEA Certification
  • Medical Board Sanctions
  • Education and Training
  • Board Certification
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Sanctions
  • Malpractice Claims History
  • Medicaid/Medicare Sanctions
  • Work History
  • Practitioner Application Processing
  • CVO Application and Attestation Content

The complete process provides formal accreditation of competencies – defined for every specific area of practice – at a level that yields confidence every individual is meeting regulatory compliance. And, most importantly, that everyone is safe: you, your team, staff, vendors, visitors—and patients.